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When there's a belief, that the pen is indeed mightier and lack of exposure and proper lens on society/culture are often the only elements separating many of our underperforming scholars and educators from those who excel, there is power in that belief.


When your Founder holds this mindset on education and grew up in Brownsville/East New York Brooklyn, with 2 Educators as parents and developed so much of a love for music and the arts that he went on to pen his way into a Grammy Nomination, an American Music Award, An award-winning book and filmmaking, there is power in that pen.


When the aforementioned is fused into a mission of C.L.A.S.S.S. [Creatively Learning About Scholastics Self & Society], therein lies Pens Of Power

warriorpoet6 - 2841-REV-01 c.png

Our Clients

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-Keigwin Middle School; Middletown CT                         

-Roosevelt Middle School; Roosevelt NY

-Life Academy High School; Brooklyn NY                         

-UX Adult culture writing & linguistics; New York NY

-Delta Sigma Theta/Arts & Letters forum; Nassau NY    

-Boerum Hill HS for International Studies; Brooklyn NY

-Bedford Academy High School; Brooklyn NY                 

-East Flatbush Primary School/PS 361; Brooklyn NY

-The Phillis Wheatley School/PS 328; Brooklyn NY         

-Cultural Arts Academy; Brooklyn NY

-Medgar Evers Prep High School; Brooklyn NY               

-High School for Global Citizenship; Brooklyn NY

-Washington Irving High School; New York NY               

-Clara Cardwell School/PS-MS 308; Brooklyn NY

-Leake & Watts (Brooklyn NSP); Brooklyn NY                 

-Christian Cultural Center; Brooklyn NY

-Leake & Watts (Manida NSP); Bronx NY                       

-Explore Charter School; Brooklyn NY

-Leake & Watts (Ryer LSP); Bronx NY                             

-Rockaway Collegiate High School; Queens NY

-Riverton Street Charter School; Queens NY                 

-Performing Arts & Tech High School; Brooklyn NY

-Brooklyn Gardens Elementary; Brooklyn NY                 

-The Dumont School/MS 174; Brooklyn NY

-Betty Shabazz School/PS 298; Brooklyn NY                   

-City Springs School; Baltimore MD

-Boys Latin School of Maryland; Baltimore MD                 

-Warren Prep Academy/PS 28; Brooklyn NY

-The Imagine Me School; Brooklyn NY                             

-Harlem Children’s Zone; Harlem NY

-Ethan Allen School/PS 306; Brooklyn NY                       

-Thomas Jefferson HS; Brooklyn NY

-Achievement First Charter School; New Haven CT         

-Division of Multilingual Learners; NYC DOE

The Pen is



Let’s Engage

Phone Number: 347.480.8060   /     Email:   

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