The Pen is Mightier


    The world will be taught by our writers.

    The world will be changed by our critical thinkers.

    The world will be preserved by our neighbors with great Character.


    Pens Of Power aims to have a hand in it all.

    Founded by Brooklyn native, and Morgan State University graduate, Lennie Bennett. For the past 15 years, under the pen name Kel Spencer, his writing has garnered Grammy and Soul Train Music Award nominations, an American Music Award, Platinum Plaques, Superstar Artists, Magazines, TV Networks, his first book, a Feature Film, Social Media and more.


    Through P.O.P. Kel has funneled his experiences, and knowledge into a way of assisting scholars (grades 4-12, and collegiate workshops), and their parents with Critical Thinking, Character Development, and College & Career Readiness while attaching it all to a unique style of Thesis & Expository writing.


    Additionally, Black Star Grove (launched at B.E.T.'s headquarters) is where scholars earn opportunities to meet B.E.T. executives, celebrities, and athletes while touring B.E.T.’s studios. P.O.P. is where deserving scholars are exclusively selected.


    Over the past 7 years, P.O.P. has served thousands of children in over a dozen cities. From schools, to after school programs, to private clubs and organizations, to foster homes & orphanages, P.O.P. adheres to basic principles of Common Core and SaferSanerSchools™ / Restorative Practices, while giving scholars what they need, packaged in what they love… It’s That Simple!


    ***In addition to writing workshops, Pens of Power can also partner with you for career day, Keynote speaking& presentations, career development, business of music workshops, and school wide/community events and engagements.


    Mission Statement- To use culturally relevant tools and unique exposure opportunities in equipping scholars with effective communication, cultural awareness, character development, and college & career readiness, for the purpose of not just earning a living but designing a lifestyle.


    Vision Statement- To be crafty in our ability to tailor our workshops to meet specific school-wide/scholarly needs and themes, while aiding with, but not limited to, state standardized test scores and the Common Core State Standards of A- College and Career Readiness and B- Literacy Standards for English, History, Science and Technical Subjects.


    Currently operating as an NYC DOE Vendor/Sole Proprietor.

    Launching our 501c3 appendage by fall 2016.

  • PENS OF POWER Media Coverage

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    News Articles

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  • Workshops and Pricing

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    Character Development Series

    • Communication and Relationships/Conflicts
    • Responsibility/Accountability
    • Social and Cultural Awareness
    • Human Gifting/Service/Confidence Building
    • Physical and Mental Health/Wellness
    • Decision making
    • Partnership Challenge (Pre-culmination exercises)

    Cost- $215.00 per session (negotiable contingent upon length of commitment) includes writing supplies, Movie night, Game night, Awards Ceremony. Additional options include: Trip to Poly Prep, Guest speaker(s), and Culminating activity.

    College & Career Series

    • Social and Cultural Awareness
    • 4 Levels of Relationship
    • 3 R’s [Relationship, Responsibility, Reputation]
    • The Affirmatrix
    • Human Gifting/Service/Entrepreneurship
    • Decision making in regards to College major and Career specificity.
    • Partnership Challenge (Pre-culmination exercises)


    Cost- $185.00 per session (negotiable contingent upon length of commitment) includes writing supplies, Movie night, Game night, Awards Ceremony. Additional options include: Trip to Poly Prep, Trip to College, Guest speaker(s), and Culminating activity.

    Critical Thinking/Media Series

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    • Social, Cultural, Ethnic, and Demographic Awareness
    • Culturally relevant research/Thesis writing
    • Pop Culture analysis
    • Figures of Speech/Drafts & Revision
    • Mass media intent, agenda, and exploitation
    • Social media use and abuse


    Cost- $220.00 per session (negotiable contingent upon length of commitment) Includes writing supplies, Red Carpet Premiere/Awards Ceremony. Additional options include: Trip to Media facility (i.e. Radio/TV Station) and Guest speaker(s).


    A.S.P.I.R.E. Series

    Assistance in Scholar Parent Instructor Relationship Enhancement

    Mission Statement- To use bridge the gap(s) between parent-child interaction and teacher-scholar interaction for the purposes of making them mutually necessary rather than (too often) mutually exclusive.


    Vision Statement- Identifying unhealthy cultural habits, statistics, sources of affirmation, extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation, etc. as a means to create an all-favorable system of learning, growth, character development, and awareness.


    Cost- $180.00 per session (negotiable contingent upon length of commitment) Includes writing supplies, Movie night, Game night, Awards Ceremony, Refreshments, Lite fare. Additional options include: Guest speaker(s)



  • Media Series

    One of our workshops offerings is our Media Series. The following are final products of our Media Series which used varied combinations of:


    Audio adaptation
    Character identification
    Coherence, Development and Organization of text
    Creative expression
    Critical thinking

    Cultural awareness & relevance

    Current Events
    Detailed narrative
    Drafting and revision
    Elaboration upon opinion
    Expository writing
    Expression of opinion/personal interpretation of given information
    Figures of Speech

    High order thinking skills
    Idea development and expansion
    Kinesthetic adaptation
    Parts of speech
    Peer accountability
    Persuasive writing
    Reader response
    Recounting events
    Removing writer inhibitions/ Dealing with writer’s block
    Reverse brainstorming
    Study skills
    Summarizing & paraphrasing
    Thesis statements
    Visual adaptation

  • Schedule/Studios


    Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School (Brooklyn)

    Wednesdays & Thursdays 12:45pm-1:35pm [3rd & 4th grade young men's Character Development series]


    Riverton Street Charter School (St. Albans)

    Mondays & Tuesdays 1:30pm-3:00pm [6th & 7th grade Character Development/Leadership series]


    P.S. 298 (Brooklyn)

    Wednesdays 2:40pm- 3:40pm [4th grade Critical Thinking/Media series]


    June 17th; Keynote Speech at Achievement First, middle school graduation.


    June 24th; Keynote Speech at Dr. Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of The Arts, High School graduation.


    June 25th; Recipient of the "Man of Distinction" award at the "I AM" Empowerment Movement, Don for a Day event.


    June 27th; Keynote Speech at Fort Greene Preparatory, middle school graduation.


    City Springs School (Baltimore)

    Monday July 11th - 15th [Middle school Summer Studios (Critical Thinking/Media series)]

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    If you are interested in more information or having PENS OF POWER at your institution, please contact: PensofPower@gmail.com


    OR call us directly at 347-480-8060


    If you would like to volunteer or become a part of our team, please contact: PensofPowerTeam@gmail.com